Track Record

  • Emir Aviation was contracted by Ariana Afghan Airlines in 2010 to provide a B747-300 to carry 5,000 passengers from Jeddah to Kabul.
  • Emir Aviation was contracted by Tajik Air in 2009 to air-lift Tajikistan Hajj pilgrims. The operation was very successful and our team was awarded several commendations from the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan, the Tajik Air, the Saudi Arabia GACA and our supporting partner in Jeddah. (please see the subsequent pages).
  • Our Implementation Team was responsible for air-lifting Tajikistan Hajj pilgrims in 2008 and its excellent performance ranked No. 2 amongst all countries conducting hajj operations in that year.
  • Emir Aviation was one of the few operators that completed all its 2009 Hajj inbound and outbound flights to and from Saudi Arabia on-time, including transferring all passenger cargo and Zam-Zam water.
  • Emir Aviation was contracted by the Kyrgyz Air (the national flag carrier of the Kyrgyz Republic) in 2009 to air-lift its assigned share of the Kyrgyz hajj pilgrims.
  • Based on the success of our chartered operations, we have concluded arrangements and will soon fly from the central and south Asia to several religious destinations in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
  • Organizing weekly chartered cargo flights from UAE, Mongolia and Afghanistan.
  • Chartered flight operations from Afghanistan to Iran: (i) Kabul-Mazar-e-Sharif­Tehran, and (ii) Kabul-Kandehar-Mashad, for the past 3 years, both flights are being carried out under very difficult security and operational environment.
  • Organizing chartered weekly flights from the central Asia to UAE.
  • Tour operations to Kish Island and Isfahan, Iran.
  • Emir Aviation is also proud to have been mandated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan to air-lift 25,000 hajj pilgrims from Islamabad and Lahore to Jeddah and Madinah Munawwarah during the 2009 and 2010 hajj seasons. 


Certificate of Appreciation issued by Tajik Air to Emir Aviation for a well-managed Air-Lifting of Tajik Hajj Pilgrims operation in 2009.

Certificate Issued by the Ministry of Culture - Hajj Mission of Tajikistan, to Emir Aviation for a well-managed 2009 Hajj Air-Lifting Operation.


Letter of Appreciation issued by the Ministor of Culture - Hajj Mission of Tajikistan, to Emir Aviation's Jeddah Team for an Excellently-Managed Ground Operation and Effeciation Processing of Tajiki Hajjis through Jeddah Hajj Terminal in December 2009.


Letter of Appreciation issued by Attar Ground-Handling Company to Emir Aviation for maintaing on-schedule inbound and outbound flight and effecient passenger processing in Jeddah Hajj Terminal.

Commendation Letter issued by Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to Emir Aviation's GSA in Jeddah, Almas Jeddah Aviation, for an excellent performance druing th 1430 Hajj Season.







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